Ali + Chase // Waterfall Engagement Session

This past year I’ve made an effort to focus on what I love most. Lately, this has translated to staying outside, soaking up the sun, hikes, and waterfalls. There’s something about the thunderous roar of water that’s exhilarating and calming all at once. And Tennessee waterfalls? They’re a whole different type of incredible. Fall Creek Falls has been my happy place for about a year. So when I met with Ali + Chase and we began planning their engagement session, I was pretty excited they were up for the adventure.

These two are incredible. Ali and Chase have the types of personalities where they seem instantly at ease. Ten minutes into the session, we were walking and laughing like we’d known one another for years. And the best part? It translates to photos. I can’t wait to photograph their intimate Weeden House wedding in November. <3

I love everything about this next photo. These two are too cute! 

I have the honor of getting the most INCREDIBLE, adventurous, fun couples. These two changed into formal wear and climbed over rocks for this next set. #GOALS

Their color combination choices are ON POINT. I seriously cannot get enough.

Sometimes when I’m editing I talk to myself. After hearing a loud gasp, my husband would run into the room to find I was just excited about a particular photo. You guys, I couldn’t keep it in. WATERFALL SESSIONS ARE MY FAVORITE!

To finish off the session, these two waded through the chilly water for a few epic final photos.

We also found a rock shaped like Alabama!

A Year In Review – 2016 Engagement Session Favorites

I’ve been meaning to do a 2016 review post for a while. I’d sit down at my computer, coffee in hand, Facebook tab closed (no distractions am I right??), ready to take on the world. But as I clicked through the folders of images, my “To Post” list kept getting larger and larger. You guys, 2016 was pretty awesome. I had the pleasure of photographing weddings and engagement sessions in St. Augustine, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, California, and all over Alabama. My couples became ADVENTUROUS. We scaled mountains, hiked waterfalls, and pushed the limits for some incredible photos.


Because of this, I’m splitting my review post into 2 parts – engagements and weddings. Here are some of my favorite engagement photos from the last year. 2017, you have some big shoes to fill.


Dara + Brodie // Tennessee Waterfall Adventure Engagement

I love to travel——-I love long road-trips, setting the GPS to a new destination, and late-night Google-earth scouting. Photographing new places sets my imagination on fire. My heart aches for the next waterfall, vista, canyon, or desert to explore. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to have incredible clients that are willing to explore WITH me.

Dara and Brodie’s Fall Creek Falls adventure engagement session is one of my new favorites. These two wanted something beautiful and unique for their photos, and asked for my “bucket list” of locations within a few hours drive. (I’ve got a big list of places I’m dying to explore!) Not only were they willing to drive somewhere new and beautiful, but they changed into formal-wear in the middle of the forest so we could get EPIC waterfall photos. If possible, I’m even more excited for their George’s 217 wedding this April!

nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-1 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-2 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-3 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-4 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-5 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-6 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-7 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-8 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-9 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-10 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-11 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-12 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-13 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-14 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-15 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-16

That RING!


nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-17 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-18

nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-39 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-19 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-20 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-21 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-22 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-23 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-24 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-25 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-26 I can’t say enough how much I adore their styling. The red lace dress and navy velvet blazer photographed so beautifully with the waterfall. I LOVE the idea of juxtaposing something elegant and formal with a natural backdrop. Perfection!


nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-27 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-28 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-29 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-30 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-31 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-32 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-33 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-34 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-35 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-36 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-37 nashville-tennessee-adventure-wedding-photographer-fall-creek-falls-engagement-38


Erin + James // San Juan Capistrano Destination Engagement

As a wedding photographer, one of the perks of my job is travel. So when we started planning Erin + Jame’s Southern California engagement session, I dreamed of hazy golden light, dramatic seaside cliffs, and Spanish-style architecture.

Erin + James live in Los Angeles, and via Skype (and lots of emails) we planned for photos at some of my favorite nooks in of Orange County. We started their engagement session at Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission is over 200 years old, and has been on my bucket list to photograph there since I first toured it back in 2009.

1-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 2-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 3-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 4-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer

I LOVE that Erin + James chose more formal attire for their session. The clothing elevates the (already beautiful) surroundings and allowed for some really dramatic photos. (I’m seriously obsessed with Erin’s BHLDN dress—the colors were amazing and the velvet accents added the perfect amount of sheen!)

5-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 6-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 7-san-juan-capistrano-bhldn-engagement-photographer 8-san-juan-capistrano-bhldn-wedding-photographer 9-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 10-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 11-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 12-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 13-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 14-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 15-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 16-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 17-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 18-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 19-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 20-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer 21-san-juan-capistrano-engagement-photographer 22-san-juan-capistrano-wedding-photographer From there, we traveled the short distance to Dana Point Harbor, and walked to this gorgeous beach.

23-dana-point-engagement-photography 24-dana-point-engagement-photography 25-dana-point-engagement-photography 26-dana-point-engagement-photography 27-dreamy-bhldn-dana-point-engagement-photography 28-dana-point-engagement-photography 29-orange-county-dreamy-bhldn-beach-engagement 30-orange-county-bhldn-beach-engagement-session 31-bhldn-california-wedding-photographer 32-bhldn-california-beach-engagement-photographer This beautiful ring belonged to Erin’s great-grandmother.

35-dana-point-engagement-photography 36-dana-point-engagement-photography 37-dana-point-engagement-photography 38-dana-point-engagement-photography 39-dana-point-engagement-photography 40-dana-point-engagement-photography

Aimee + Tyler // Arcade Engagement Session

I met Aimee and Tyler for their engagement session in downtown Huntsville at the newly opened Pints & Pixels arcade bar. From the start, we knew we wanted to do something that was fun, quirky, and could incorporate some of their favorite activities. That meant getting awesome photos with video games, pinball machines, and light sabers.

This arcade engagement session was a dream—I’m obsessed with the cute piranha plants we came across! (The staff was nice enough to let us use them for some balcony-fun outside.) From the arcade, we wandered around downtown (only occasionally stopping for a light saber battle).

After this, I’m even more excited for their Birmingham wedding next year!


1 pints and pixels pinball engagement 2 pinball engagement session 3 arcade engagement session huntsville al 4 pinball arcade engagement pictures 5 pints and pixels pinball engagement pictures 6 pinball engagement session alabama 7 pinball arcade engagement session 8 nerdy arcade engagement pictures 9 downtown huntsville engagement pictures 10 downtown huntsville modern city engagement 11 downtown huntsville al engagement photographer 12 modern engagement pictures huntsville al 13 huntsville al downtown engagement pictures 14 nerdy nintendo engagement pictures 15 nerdy nintendo engagement pictures alabama 16 nerdy star wars light saber engagement pictures 17 star wars engagement session 18 downtown huntsville al modern engagement session 19 downtown huntsville engagement pictures 20 huntsville al engagement pictures 21 downtown huntsville al engagement