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Ali + Chase // Waterfall Engagement Session

This past year I’ve made an effort to focus on what I love most. Lately, this has translated to staying outside, soaking up the sun, hikes, and waterfalls. There’s something about the thunderous roar of water that’s exhilarating and calming all at once. And Tennessee waterfalls? They’re a whole different type of incredible. Fall Creek Falls has been my happy place for about a year. So when I met with Ali + Chase and we began planning their engagement session, I was pretty excited they were up for the adventure.

These two are incredible. Ali and Chase have the types of personalities where they seem instantly at ease. Ten minutes into the session, we were walking and laughing like we’d known one another for years. And the best part? It translates to photos. I can’t wait to photograph their intimate Weeden House wedding in November. <3

I love everything about this next photo. These two are too cute! 

I have the honor of getting the most INCREDIBLE, adventurous, fun couples. These two changed into formal wear and climbed over rocks for this next set. #GOALS

Their color combination choices are ON POINT. I seriously cannot get enough.

Sometimes when I’m editing I talk to myself. After hearing a loud gasp, my husband would run into the room to find I was just excited about a particular photo. You guys, I couldn’t keep it in. WATERFALL SESSIONS ARE MY FAVORITE!

To finish off the session, these two waded through the chilly water for a few epic final photos.

We also found a rock shaped like Alabama!

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