a Huntsville, Al wedding photographer , adventurer, foodie, coffee-drinker, and lover of light.

My secret superpower: spotting a Kate Spade bag from across the room. ♠️

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Tooba + Bilal // Nikah Ceremony

Tooba and Bilal celebrated their love surrounded by friends and family at their Nikah engagement party. Tooba’s gown was heavily beaded—-a glimmering gold fabric that melted into an iridescent teal, her wrists stacked with bangled bracelets. The guests were garbed in colorful dresses, the scent of warm breads and savory sauces wafted through the air, […]

Engagements, Weddings

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Rachel + Tyler // Birmingham Engagement Session

I’d been looking forward to Rachel + Tyler’s engagement session for a few months. During our initial meeting, I loved watching the way they interacted with each other—-their eyes rarely leaving each other, light touches on the arm, an occasional shared laugh. It was like the world was made just for them. We talked over […]


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Christine + Nick // Callaway Gardens Engagement Session

I love road trips. I love the obligatory Starbucks fill-ups, cranking up the volume to my favorite songs, and air drumming with the wild abandon of someone who knows they’re far, far away from people they know. As a photographer, I spend a lot of time working in the same areas. So when Christine contacted […]


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Green Mountain Engagement: Lacey & Roy

I met Lacey and Roy in Green Mountain Park for their engagement session. We strolled though the forest under a kaleidoscope of perfect fall colors breathing in the crisp air. It was chilly and as we walked, Roy offered Lacey his jacket. She declined politely, but he pulled her close anyway–tucking her beneath his arm […]


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Short and sweet…

I want to shoot a proposal. I’ve been dying to blog about it lately. It’s an idea that has lit my heart on fire and I just can’t seem to drop it. Readying myself, showing up early, hiding behind bushes, far away with my zoom lens to quietly document one of the most powerful moments […]

Engagements, Personal

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