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Engagements, Weddings

Tooba + Bilal // Nikah Ceremony

Tooba and Bilal celebrated their love surrounded by friends and family at their Nikah engagement party. Tooba’s gown was heavily beaded—-a glimmering gold fabric that melted into an iridescent teal, her wrists stacked with bangled bracelets. The guests were garbed in colorful dresses, the scent of warm breads and savory sauces wafted through the air, and Baron Bluff overlooked a beautiful sunset.

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  1. Hassan Ahmad says:

    MashAllah <3

  2. Nadia Akhtar says:

    Awww, lovely xxxx

  3. Fatimah Babur says:

    Beautiful couple. stay blessed. <3

  4. Isa Garbutt says:

    Wow!! Tooba, you are so gorgeous. <3 What a loving couple and stunning event.

  5. Duaa Ahmed says:

    Love it

  6. Asghar Abbas says:

    MashaAllah nice pics 🙂

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