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My secret superpower: spotting a Kate Spade bag from across the room. ♠️

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So You’re Engaged…

My husband and I had a long engagement (646 days, to be exact). Trust me when I say I KNOW what you’re going through. Amidst the Instagram #ringselfies (Guilty), intense Pinterest board-making, and excited phone calls—-you’ve just chosen to spend the rest of your life with another person. It’s exhilarating and impossibly scary all at once. […]

March 22, 2017

Diaries of a Bride

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Abby + Corey // Stone Bridge Farms Wedding

Abby and Corey began their Stone Bridge Farms wedding with joy. A clear sky overlooked the crisp December day, and a crooning Sinatra could be heard through the guest cottage door. I entered the bridal suite and was met with warm hugs and hellos. That entrance summed up their entire day—it was full of love, […]

February 11, 2017


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Ashanka + Joey // Muscle Shoals Indian Wedding

Ashanka + Joey’s Muscle Shoals wedding was nothing short of magnificent. The dresses were beaded and colorful and the ceremony altar was adorned with long chains of crimson flowers and bells. The effect was altogether whimsical and lavish. We began the day early–at 6:45, and I got to work photographing Ashanka’s beautiful gown and details. […]

February 11, 2017


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Dara + Brodie // Tennessee Waterfall Adventure Engagement

I love to travel——-I love long road-trips, setting the GPS to a new destination, and late-night Google-earth scouting. Photographing new places sets my imagination on fire. My heart aches for the next waterfall, vista, canyon, or desert to explore. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to have incredible clients that are willing to explore WITH […]

December 6, 2016


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Rachel + Tyler // Fayetteville, TN Wedding

The day began with one of my favorite drives—past the state line, over rolling hills, and to the beautiful Sacred Stone for Rachel and Tyler’s wedding. I love the changing terrainalong the way, the white house that greets me from the corner of Hawthorne Lane, and the stone wall that flanks the graveled road to […]

December 4, 2016


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